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APR guarantees traceability from the purse seine vessel.

The Responsible Tuna Fishing (or APR) Certification - Chain of Custody guarantees that Traceability is fulfilled by the AENOR certified freezer purse seine vessel under the UNE 195006 Standard, and that it is under a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), identified as thorough (Comprehensive) by the FisheryProgress organization.

AENOR - APR UNE 195006 Standard
UN Sustainable Development Goals

AENOR’s APR Standard helps meet the UN SDGs.

8, 12, 14, 16 y 17

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Why to buy APR tuna ? Vessel Procedures Canning Procedures
Slide APR is a responsible decision
APR tuna, under sustainability awareness umbrella

More than 9% of global fishing.

400.000 t

Buying APR is a responsible decision for fishing, workers and the planet.

Every time you buy a can of tuna with the AENOR APR stamp, you are making a responsible and socially committed decision. By looking for the AENOR APR stamp in tuna cans, you are acquiring a tuna that is internationally recognised as the only one with a stamp that guarantees the social and labour rights of fishing, according to the ILO Convention 188 on the fishing work, and that guarantees the best responsible fishing practices.

Why to buy APR tuna ? Vessel Procedures Canning Procedures

We guarantee the socially sustainable and responsible origin of APR Tuna

To value the good work of the Spanish tuna fleet, AENOR has developed a Chain of Custody certification scheme (Traceability) that shows that the tuna comes from certified vessels according to the requirements included in the UNE 195006 Standard.

To guarantee the origin of the APR Tuna
APR guarantees comprehensive traceability

Comprehensive traceability in all links of the supply chain.


More information
Why to buy APR tuna ? Vessel Procedures Canning Procedures
Why to buy APR tuna ?
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Why to Buy APR?

Now there is a way to exercise responsible purchasing of tuna.
Looking for the AENOR APR Responsible Fishing Tuna Seal on the cans.




AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing certification becomes a tool that values the work of the tuna fleet

What is it?

AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing (APR) certification, based on the UNE 195006 Standard, has a clear mission: the sustainable use and conservation of natural and human resources

APR - the value of the tuna fleet