APR - Tuna from Responsible Fishing
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Tuna from Responsible Fishing certificate (APR) is based on UNE-195006 standard and represents the only globally recognized standard that guarantees the social and labour rights of the fleet according to international standards and agreements, while ensuring compliance of the best fishing practices and of globally recognized standards.

The APR certificate guarantees
Working conditions

Social and safety conditions in the workplace in line with Convention 188 of the International Labor Organization (minimum age, medical examinations, contracts, wages, hours of rest, rest between campaigns, staffing, illness, repatriation, medical care, prevention of occupational hazards and social security).

  • Licensed and authorized by the
  • Flag State
  • Authorization of Regional Fisheries
  • Organizations (RFOs) Satellite-based geographic location system
  • Fishing logbook
  • Fishing activity control (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • Catch certificates

Health Registration

  • Basic ship documentation
  • IMO No. of the global maritime information system
  • Ship classification (including quick freeze cargo)
  • Protection and indemnity insurance
  • Health Registration
  • Use of FADs that reduce the entanglement of associated species
  • Release maneuvers of associated species
  • Onboard observers (human or electronic) in 100% of the fishing activity
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The APR certification contributes to the sustainable catching of tuna, helping to protect the seas and ensuring that fishermen have adequate working, safety and life conditions aboard. this certification is the first that ensures the traceability of tuna, from the sea to the table. The APR certificate is a commitment with many elements: workers, consumers and environment. At AENOR, both the certified tuna boat and the brand that elaborates the product are audited through the Chain of Custody Regulation.




Sustainable use and conservation of natural and human resources.
APR Certification has a main goal: to improve the sustainability of tuna fishing activity, so the intermediate operators and consumers have information regarding the conditions of the fishing activity, to help in their purchase decision.
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To achieve this certificate, an independent and transparent control is carried out. At AENOR, we conduct rigorous audits, both of the certified tuna boat and of the brand that elaborates the product, ensuring the fishing traceability in all areas.
For this, the APR certification consists of exhaustive evaluations, both in person and documentary, carried out by an independent third party that operates with rigour and impartiality and with expert auditors in the sector. The final objective is to provide transparency and confidence in the sector’s commitment to Tuna From Responsible Fishing.
From the following link you can download the public report: CERTIFICATION RESULTS APR UNE 195006 | YEAR 2017 – 2019.