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AENOR’s certification scheme guarantees compliance with the working conditions of the crew members of fishing vessels.




Garantizar el cumplimiento de las condiciones laborales de los tripulantes.

AENOR’s, certification scheme, a world first, guarantees compliance with the working conditions of the crew members of fishing vessels according to the International Labour Organization (ILO), Convention No. 188, as the first certification scheme that guarantees compliance of the aforementioned ILO agreement.

Therefore, the following social and safety work conditions are guaranteed:
Minimum age to work aboard fishing vessels

Crew members aboard an APR certified vessel must be at least 18 years old for night shifts, and for dangerous or toxic work, and at least 16 years old for all other activities..

Medical examination prior to boarding

The captain must have a medical certificate for each crew member attesting to their ability to perform their duties, before they can enlist.

All crew members aboard a vessel undergo a mandatory medical examination at least once a year.

Written employment contract in the official language of the ship and in English, French or Spanish, depending on the language that is best understood by the crew member.

The crew member receives a copy of his/her contract and the vessel keeps an acknowledgment of receipt of the contract signed by the crew member.


The salary of crew members complies with the minimum payment set by the ILO for seafarers.

Rest hours

The minimum number of rest hours must not be less than ten hours for each period of 24 hours and 77 hours per week.

The minimum rest of ten hours a day may be reduced to no less than six consecutive hours during the active capture and production of fish. In these cases, crew members must receive compensatory rest hours as soon as possible.

Duration of the contract, journey and rest period between seasons

The contract of a crew member must have a maximum duration of eight months, a period that may be extended to nine or be reduced to seven months for operational reasons..


The APR certified vessel has a certificate of minimum crew, issued by the flag state.

Illness, injury or death

In the event of an injury due to a work accident or an illness, the crew member shall have the right to appropriate medical care and to a compensation proportioned with the injury.


The APR certified vessel will be responsible for the repatriation of the fisherman in cases of::

  • Expiration of the employment contract.
  • Rescission of the contract for justified reasons.
  • Illness or injury that requires repatriation.
Medical attention

The APR certified vessel has an adequate first-aid kit and staff trained in health matters.

Prevention of occupational hazards

The APR certified vessel has:

  • An occupational risk assessment plan.
  • A training plan on the subject.
  • A plan for the delivery and use of personal protective equipment (fire extinguishers, vests and rafts)..
  • At least one Prevention Officer per vessel.
Social Security

The crew members must be part of the Social Security system according to the country in which they reside, or alternatively, they must be protected by a specific insurance hired by the vessel.