APR - Tuna from Responsible Fishing




AENOR’s APR certification scheme is aimed at shipowner companies, with legal entity, that have control over one or more freezer purse seine vessels for tropical tuna fishing.

This scheme is international, and it is open to any freezer tuna vessel that meets the requirements of the UNE 1960051 Standard, regardless of the flag that the vessel has.

The AENOR certificate declares the ability of the fishing activities carried out by the vessels controlled by the shipowner company in the pertinent regions for each case.


If you are a shipowner company and wish to obtain the certificate of compliance with the UNE 195006 “TUNA FROM RESPONSIBLE FISHING. FREEZER PURSE SEINE VESSEL”, you can request the documentation through the following form, and we will contact you shortly.

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Shipowner company with legal entity and control over one or more vessels.

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Tasa anual por cada buque certificado:


La consecuente cantidad asociada a estas acciones se verá reflejada en el presupuesto de la certificación y variará en función de la cantidad de buques que posea la empresa armadora.
Tasa anual por cada industria certificada:


Incluye industrias lomeras y productos intermedios.
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Annual fee for each certified vessel:


The consequent amount associated with these actions will be reflected in the certification budget and will vary depending on the number of vessels owned by the shipowner.

Annual fee for each certified industry:


Includes rubber industries and intermediate products.