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The AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing stamp in the final product guarantees that Traceability is fulfilled, through the Chain of Custody Regulation, from the AENOR’s certified vessel under the UNE 195006 Standard, to the can.




The AENOR-APR stamp guarantees traceability from the vessel to the can.
To guarantee the protection and care of the oceans and their resources, this stamp guarantees that the certified vessel participates in a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) identified as Comprehensive by Fishery Progress.

What is a comprehensive FIP?

The FIPs, considered as Comprehensive by Fishery Progress, aim to tackle all the fishing environmental challenges required to achieve a broad level of performance and an unconditional approval from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Fishing Standard.
To do this, comprehensive FIPs involve a party with experience in the application of the MSC standard to complete a pre-assessment by the MSC to understand the fishing challenges, and they must have independent, face-to-face audits to assess the progress of the MSC standard every three years.