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To guarantee the origin of the APR Tuna, AENOR carries out exhaustive audits in the canning industries and in those intermediate tuna transformer links, focusing on the traceability of the tuna vessel.

Isabel already markets 100% of her tuna under the AENOR Responsible Fishing Tuna stamp

Isabel will become in this 2020, the first brand in the world to market 100% of its tuna under the AENOR Tuna of Responsible Fishing seal, the only certification that guarantees the best fishing practices and the best social and labor conditions of the workers of the sea. This is Conservas Isabel’s commitment to the sea and to people.

Campos offers you the possibility of knowing the complete traceability of all its products

As a clear example of its commitment to transparency and commitment to its consumers, the marine ecosystem and the safety of its workers, CAMPOS offers the possibility of knowing the complete traceability of all its products. To do this, all you have to do is enter the code that appears on each package on the web site and the information will be shown relating to the species, fishing area, boat, method and dates of capture of the contents of each jar, can or case.

This new tool, pioneer at national level, is already available for the range of Clear Tuna Fields APR and will be extended to the launches with APR seal that CAMPOS plans to make available to consumers in the coming months.

Atunlo launches #SosTunabilidad, a campaign to promote responsible tuna consumption with the AENOR APR stamp.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among consumers so that they can reflect on the concept and choose products that guarantee that a piece of tuna comes from a fishery that is not only sustainable and respectful of the sea, but also of its people. The AENOR APR stamp is the guarantee of compliance with social responsibility regulations with all the seamen and the team of a tuna company.

The concept revolves around one of the brand’s values par excellence, sustainability, a word that has been “tuned” into a play on words based on the product: Sustainability + Tuna = SosTunabilidad.

Los beneficios de comer atún

El atún es una fuente inagotable de nutrientes esenciales como los ácidos grasos omega-3 , potasio, magnesio, hierro, vitamina A, B6 y B12. Por eso los beneficios

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